Monument Rocks

View the breathtaking Monument Rocks, also known as the Chalk Pyramids. The natural formations can be found 18 miles north of Scott City, and then by turning east at Keystone Gallery. This site is the first National Natural Landmark in Kansas designated by the Department of Interior on October 31, 1968. These limestone formations stretch to 50 feet in height. Monument Rocks has also been chosen as one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas.

The quiet, beauty, and scale of the Monument Rocks will create a lifetime memory.

Monument Rocks is located on private property. The owners graciously allow any and all to come visit this wonderful landmark. Please be respectful of the owners and the landmark by not climbing on the Rocks.

Hours: Sun up to Sun down
Admission: Free

For more information contact:
El Quartelejo Museum at 620-872-5912, Guided tours are available.
Keystone Gallery at 620-872-2762.

“Take only pictures, Leave only footprints!”


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