Park On the Plains at Patton Park

The Park on the Plains, located in Patton Park, was launched in the summer of 2008. The school children, along with a designer from Leathers & Associates out of New York, designed the park. Park on the Plains has unique features such as a cattle car, tractor, adobe entry, buffalo climbing wall, cattle wall, grain elevator, old west stage, and a tree house to name a few. The park has five slides.

The Park on the Plains Park is also very unique because of its accessibility. The people involved worked very hard to make it as handicap accessible as possible. The park has two ramps; many transfer stations as well as accessible parallel bars and a lower ladder, therapeutic swings, and most importantly, a solid ground surface. The surface is made from recycled tiles and is 9,000 square feet. It has two areas; the Tot Lot is for  2-5-year-olds and the larger side is for 5-12-year-olds.

Patton Park is home to many events, Tasting Booth, Throw Down, Whimmydiddle and also the Rod Run plus some summer movies which were provided by Scott City Chamber of Commerce. It is a great place to recreate, have a picnic with family, or just read a book.

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